spring neutrals

woman clothed for spring

Ahhhh! I can’t believe spring’s just around the corner. I’ve been sifting through the March issues of my favorite glossy mags of years past for wardrobe inspiration.  As expected, bright colors and bold prints are big for spring. You know what I mean right? Take a walk through the city on a Monday morning and observe the women on the way to work and take in the bright array of colors on display.

Don’t forget neutral

woman sitting in spring clothing

And it is no wonder, with the sun shining and the flowers starting to bloom it makes total sense why we choose to wear such attractive clothing when diving into the wardrobe. But what always seems to be overlooked is that this does not mean you need to look past that delightful neutral colored blouse hanging on the coat hanger.

I’ve always been drawn to earth tones like olive green and tan just as much as the array of corals and blues I’ve seen in the stores and mags.  Muted tones can balance out brighter colors. They can also be worn together.  The key is to wear neutrals from different color palettes. Pull off the right combination and you are guaranteed to have people jerking their necks around to admire your style.

Save a dollar or two


Neutrals make up a large portion of my spring wardrobe and shopping for these items always makes for an exciting afternoon of shopping. With the demand for brighter colors in major shops and department stores, there is also the added benefit of finding a potential bargain when arriving in sections stocking those more neutral tones.

Go Khaki


At the top of my spring shopping list is a nice pair of khakis.  It’s a great investment piece because It can be worn so many ways. Combine a pair of khakis with a black, white, beige, khaki, tan, ivory, dark blue, brown or gray shirt or blouse and you are guaranteed to look the part. Plus with everyone vying for the brighter colored clothing you may even end up saving a few bucks along the way!

Will you be wearing neutrals this spring?