business stress

Alleviating stress caused by the business environment

Stress is the biggest villain we are facing in our modern life, working in a continuous stressful situation is making you sick. Although most of the people seem to ignore stress, it is affecting you mentally and physically.

Countless studies are being conducted on the effects of stress in daily life, and most of them found that this competitive business environment is the leading cause of rising stress levels, workers are forced to perform better which is leading to an excess of stress levels.

What are the warning signs of stress?

Some of the common signs that you should not ignore are:

  • Feeling anxious
  • Fatigue
  • A headache and muscle stiffness
  • Lower sex drive
  • Low concentration
  • No interest in work
  • Feeling unsatisfied

Let’s discuss some of the hacks to reduce stress from our daily life.

How you start your day, matters!

One of the common mistakes most of the people do is the way they start their day, they wake up late and run for the office, they are stressed from the first minute they wake up. They are stressed to get ready on time, they are stressed to reach office and then they are stressed to complete their job targets.

If you really want to start your day well, then try waking up 2-3 hours before the office. That way you will be able to devote some time for meditation, exercise, social media, replying to emails, etc.

Setup clear priorities

Most of the people who are stressed at work are found to lack prioritization, they are doing wrong things at the wrong time, which add up to the work stress.

Create a list of tasks that you need to work on and then prioritize the hardest work in the early hours of office.

Happy work environment

Restrain yourself from any kind of conflicts, any conflict with the co-worker, boss, or any other guy may lead to unrest in the brain that actually doesn’t allow you to concentrate on the work.

Don’t care about what people are saying to you, focus on maintaining the calmness and treat everyone with a smile.

Another great way to have a happy work environment is to have a good social life with colleagues, this will strengthen the bond between your teammates and will lead to higher productivity and lower stress.

Be comfortable

Dump your outfit if they are not comfortable enough, its very essential to smell good and stay comfortable while you are working.

Invest in some high-quality fabrics that can make you feel fresh all day.

Avoid multi-tasking

Trying to multitask reduces productivity and increases stress levels. Pledge not to do the multitasking, unless you are working as firefighter or police or army personnel.


Meditate plays important role in moderating the stress levels, it will provide you the much-required peacetime. Not sure how to meditate? Join a workshop or class where you can explore the benefits of meditation.

Eat Good

What you consume plays important role in how you feel, restrict the consumption of fried or processed food.

Listen to soothing music:

It’s a quick trick to control your blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious try to play your favorite song and concentrate on listening to it.

My favorite way to relieve office stress is listening to favorite music while my way to home.