business stress

Alleviating stress caused by the business environment

Stress is the biggest villain we are facing in our modern life, working in a continuous stressful situation is making you sick. Although most of the people seem to ignore stress, it is affecting you mentally and physically.

Countless studies are being conducted on the effects of stress in daily life, and most of them found that this competitive business environment is the leading cause of rising stress levels, workers are forced to perform better which is leading to an excess of stress levels.

What are the warning signs of stress?

Some of the common signs that you should not ignore are:

  • Feeling anxious
  • Fatigue
  • A headache and muscle stiffness
  • Lower sex drive
  • Low concentration
  • No interest in work
  • Feeling unsatisfied

Let’s discuss some of the hacks to reduce stress from our daily life.

How you start your day, matters!

One of the common mistakes most of the people do is the way they start their day, they wake up late and run for the office, they are stressed from the first minute they wake up. They are stressed to get ready on time, they are stressed to reach office and then they are stressed to complete their job targets.

If you really want to start your day well, then try waking up 2-3 hours before the office. That way you will be able to devote some time for meditation, exercise, social media, replying to emails, etc.

Setup clear priorities

Most of the people who are stressed at work are found to lack prioritization, they are doing wrong things at the wrong time, which add up to the work stress.

Create a list of tasks that you need to work on and then prioritize the hardest work in the early hours of office.

Happy work environment

Restrain yourself from any kind of conflicts, any conflict with the co-worker, boss, or any other guy may lead to unrest in the brain that actually doesn’t allow you to concentrate on the work.

Don’t care about what people are saying to you, focus on maintaining the calmness and treat everyone with a smile.

Another great way to have a happy work environment is to have a good social life with colleagues, this will strengthen the bond between your teammates and will lead to higher productivity and lower stress.

Be comfortable

Dump your outfit if they are not comfortable enough, its very essential to smell good and stay comfortable while you are working.

Invest in some high-quality fabrics that can make you feel fresh all day.

Avoid multi-tasking

Trying to multitask reduces productivity and increases stress levels. Pledge not to do the multitasking, unless you are working as firefighter or police or army personnel.


Meditate plays important role in moderating the stress levels, it will provide you the much-required peacetime. Not sure how to meditate? Join a workshop or class where you can explore the benefits of meditation.

Eat Good

What you consume plays important role in how you feel, restrict the consumption of fried or processed food.

Listen to soothing music:

It’s a quick trick to control your blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious try to play your favorite song and concentrate on listening to it.

My favorite way to relieve office stress is listening to favorite music while my way to home.

natural deodorant

Why A Natural Deodorant Roll On Should Be Added To Your Bathroom Cupboard

What is a natural deodorant roll

Conventional deodorants are quite good in eliminating the odor but they have their own disadvantages, they contain chemical compounds that are unhealthy for the human body in the long term.  Natural deodorant is the perfect replacement of the conventional deodorants that works quite effective in eliminating the bad smell and save the body from harmful side effects of chemicals.

Natural deodorant rolls mainly contain natural mineral salts that help in eliminating the odor, plus they are added with natural antioxidants to maintain healthy skin. Natural deodorant roll is mainly aluminum- free which cause an acidic reaction to fabric and leaves those gross marks on your clothes.  These natural deodorants are not created to prevent perspiration instead their main focus is to prevent the growth of bacteria that actually make you smell bad.

Sweating is your body’s mechanism to regulate body temperature and to release the toxins from the body; synthetic antiperspirant clogs your skin pore and restricts skin perform its natural work. Body odor happens not because of the sweat that your body releases, but because of the bacteria that grow because of excessive sweating, natural deodorants restrict bad bacterial growth not sweating.

Benefits of the natural deodorant roll.

Let me maintain the level of good bacteria

Bacterial balance is important in the proper functioning, while most of the synthetic antiperspirants work on the concept of clogging the pores and stopping the growth of any kind of bacteria, natural deodorants work on the concept of going with the flow of nature. Natural deodorants allow the skin to sweet more frequently for better detoxification and help in maintaining the proper balance of good bacteria.

Some diseases have been linked to antiperspirants

Some studies have claimed that chemicals can be absorbed through pores of the skin and can create a hormonal imbalance. Alzheimer’s and breast cancer have already been linked to the aluminum compound found in most of the deodorants.

Less irritation

Since they don’t contain any kind of harsh chemicals they are way less irritating, if you have a sensitive skin and you experience rashes on the skin after the use of synthetic deodorants then you should switch yourself to natural products asap.

vegan benefits

The Benefits Of Eating Vegan

The rise in trend of bodybuilding has made people attract more towards nonvegetarian sources of food, it’s perfectly fine that you are consuming nonvegetarian food for the stronger body but vegetarian food has its own benefits as well.

Trending bodybuilding has lead to sharp rise in the consumption of animal products but there are still people who are vegan and stronger than many nonvegetarians, let’s discuss some of the major benefits of consuming vegan food.


If you are concerned about the nutritional value of vegan food then let me tell you that they are no less than any animal product. Vegetables contain all the nutrients that are required for the body and it contains more fibers, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants, etc.

Feel more energetic

Here we are not talking about processed vegan food from your nearby fast food restaurant; home prepared vegan food contains a lot of complex carbs that help in a slow rise in insulin and make you feel energetic for a longer time. Additionally, vegan foods are also low in sodium and saturated fat that makes you feel bloated.

Better digestion

The high content of fiber make it the best option for superior digestion, vegan food is also rich in antioxidants that make them perfect for your stomach. Studies have found that more than 65% of the American population suffers from constipation and other stomach ailments because of the lack of fibers in their diet.

Low fat

If you are cautious about your raising weigh then vegan food is something you should definitely rely on, it will provide you everything required for the fast weight loss. Vegan provides you with complex carbs, high fibers and low-fat source of food.

vegan benefitsHormonal balance

Most of the animal products you are consuming on the daily basis contain hormones that were injected in the body of an animal for their fast growth and high-profit volume, but those hormones s transmitted into your body every time you consume an animal product. Vegan food is a great way to protect yourself from hormonal imbalance.


A food that promises you everything from better digestive track to efficient weight loss will surely add few years to your life.

sexy woman

How to look cute, sexy and in style with your 2018 summer outfits

When we think summer, ladies think how they can rock cute summer outfits. The options are many. Shorts, floral dresses, colorful beach bags, those cute tiny denim jackets, you can even throw in some lightweight and colorful summer boots. Yes, we got boots for the summer weather.

One thing when it comes to rocking it in summer is to feel free. Now, whatever age you are, there is something for every lady in town. Don’t limit yourself. It’s summer for Pete’s sake. Color, color, and more color. That should be your guide. Then we got as small as you are comfortable!

Sexy summer clothes to consider in 2018

So let’s see what you can rock in summer. Luckily, summer clothes never really go out of style. So you can always revisit your last year’s collection.

1. Shorts and miniskirts

You can never go wrong. These are timeless pieces of clothing. If you are wearing them in summer, then you are great with the fashion gods. Its called obeying the weather. Pair these with nice sleeveless tanks and you are good to go.  Do not forget to stock up on sleep on too.

2. Floral dresses

What’s summer without floral prints to liven up the mood? These can either be short or long. Make a statement whenever you are going out. These dresses look pretty amazing when won with the big summer hats and chunky glasses. You can also rock this look by wearing some sneakers and chunky gold earings. This look is very comfortable.

3. Rock your cute summer outfits with a colorful beach bag

You are gonna need that bag if you plan to go to the beach. Not only do the up your look but they also come in handy because they can fit pretty much everything… Bikini, hat, sarong… And don’t forget to carry your sunscreen in that bag.

4. Denim Jackets

Remember to always have the cute tiny denim jackets to pair your floral dresses with.

5. Lightweight and colorful summer boots

Just because its summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear boots with your cute summer outfits. The secret is to do color and go for the light kind.


Stylish gift ideas this mother’s day for the best mom ever

What is the perfect gift for the best mom ever?

Is there really? When you love your mother the way I love mine, you definitely want to give her a gift that is thoughtful this mother’s day. That said, gifting mothers doesn’t really have to be just a mother’s day thing. We need to honor our mothers daily. So whenever you see something great and you got some cash, get her that gift.

Every year in May, you start wondering what to gift your mum with. You have done the candles, scarves and you have run out of ideas. You might even be tempted to repeat a gift that you once gave her, only in a different color. If you have a stylish mum, you need to think real hard. Repeating a gift won’t cut it. How about some fresh inspiration. Most mothers love it when their kids get them personal gifts. Here is some inspiration…

Gift ideas that scream BEST MOM EVER!

1. Birthstone Ringbirthstone month chat

These rings have a personal touch to them. You can have it custom made. You can pick your own design. One way to go about it is having one birthstone for the month your mom was born. Or do 2 stones. Both yours and hers. You can also have it engraved on the inside to make it even more special. Give it that sweet touch.

2. Jewelry

Name a woman who doesn’t get excited over jewelry. Better yet, name me one who has confessed to having too much jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace or earrings, make it unique by having it monogrammed. You can also initial it.

One thing you can also do is get her big statement earrings which are in style

3. Classy leather tote bag

woman carrying handbag

Get mummy dearest a classy bag that she cab practically carry everything in it. Remember to get a perfect spring color to go with the season.

4. Beauty kit for on-the-go

Thie is perfect for stylish mums who are on the g and like their makeup to stay fresh. It can fit perfectly well in a tote bag or even in the cars glove compartment to give the best mon ever the touch up she requires all day long.




casual outfits

Best Casual Outfits For Autumn 2018

With the arrival of a new season, comes the new fashion trends, Autumn is about to come and its time to plan and be ready with the casual outfits that you will be wearing in the upcoming season.

Autumn is a great season for the fashion lovers, the weather is not too hot nor too cold. It’s a perfect time to move beyond your windy sundresses and crop-tops and start adding some layers to your casual outfit. For me, the arrival of autumn is a permit to get some new stock of elegant long boots.

Before we hop on the best casual outfits that you can wear this season lets discuss some tips before you plan your wardrobe.

Clean your wardrobe: winters are here on your doorsteps and you are expected to plan your outfits accordingly. It’s time to say goodbye to those summers wears and make some space for you new casual outfits collection.

Take a note: it’s important to know what kind of dress collection you already have and a list of outdated dresses that you are going to dump or donate this year. Taking a note is going to make your wardrobe well organized. You will be better aware of your upcoming investments in your new outfits.

Research: once done with taking a note of what you currently have, let’s research about the latest trends and what are the new casual outfits ideas of the current season.

Seasonal updates: seasonal updates are important to look good always, you can’t expect the trend to be same as previous years, you might require altering your dress according to current style trends.

Buy what you love: doesn’t matter how trending the latest style trend is, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

It’s important to have your own personality and you can’t follow anything just because of its top trending. Wearing what we love supplies us with a new level of self-confidence, and nothing is more beautiful as a women wearing her confidence in her pride.

Let’s explore the best casual outfits you can have this autumn.

Skirts With Long Boots

Autumn is about to arrive and it is not very cold yet, pairing your skirt with long boots is a perfect and beautiful combination to wear. Long boots are always adored by men and you are surely gonna have a great impression on everyone.

Long Sweater With Your Favorite Jeans.

It’s the most comfortable and popular autumn outfit. Long and cozy sweaters and a perfect pair of skinny jeans make a perfect combination. This outfit will make you look classy and sexy at the same time. This is the most casual combination that you can wear at any place.

All Leather Look

It is the sexiest look that you can have after the summer season, and leather look appropriate in every situation, whether it is your office or a casual date.

Tuxedo Jacket

Wearing a jacket looks highly professional. Yes, you have been wearing those light fabrics for whole summers and now its time to bring out your collection of jackets to get back your professional look.

Autumn is a perfect time to wear those tuxedo jackets at work because it’s neither too cold nor too hot.

Long Blazer, Leather Pants, And Ankle Boots

If it’s a bit cold outside and you want to wear something warm and cozy then this is a perfect combination for you. You will be able to protect yourself from heat to toe with this combination.

Healthy couple

9 Ways To Be A Healthier Couple.

We all see that healthy couple in our neighbor who looks incredibly happy and they are successful as well. What are the distinguishing factors that are differentiating your relationship with theirs? What are the factors responsible for your poor health and boring relationship?

Hello, my name is Rachel Meyer and I am a 32-year-old dietician born in the USA, living in Sydney, Australia.

In my 8+ years of experience as a health expert and a nutritionist, I was able to figure out the lifestyle difference in the healthy couple and the couple who is always suffering from poor health conditions.

What actually being healthy means?

Being healthy is a state of mind and ability of the body to work at its optimum performance, if you want to bring a new level of happiness and boost up the quality of your relationship then you should definitely pay attention to the points that we will be about to discuss. Few lifestyle habits of the healthy couple are:

Eat clean

What you put in your body reflects your overall health and personality, that the reason you feel fresh and energetic when you consume clean food. Clear food doesn’t mean you will be eliminating any kind of fat and carbohydrate from your meal, clean eating is a combination of eating a good amount of proteins, essential fat, and good carbohydrates.

Some of the examples of clear eating are-

  • Including more veggies
  • No deep fry stuff
  • Food that is low in sodium
  • Limit your sugar
  • Eat whole grain food

Go organic

Consuming organic product has a totally different aspect of clean eating.

The food that you are consuming at home contains huge about of chemical and pesticides that are used to protect these food items from insects and bugs. But these chemicals are having negative effects on your health and overall fitness. Benefits of consuming organic food:

  • Elimination of toxins
  • More nutrients
  • Better detoxification
  • Protects from antibiotic resistance
  • Healthy environment

Go outdoor

The healthy couple frequently plans outdoor activities, going outside are fun and healthy way to improve the bond. Couples who frequently planned outdoor trips were found to be healthier. The reason behind is their self-awareness towards their body’s capabilities. When you plan an outdoor trip (like hiking or hill cycling) you are challenging your body for the performance, these couples were able to burn more weekly calories and are found to be more active at work as well.

Wear activity tracker

Most of the people tend to have a negative perception of the activity tracker and thinks it’s a wastage of money, but activity tracking is an essential part when it comes to healthy living.

Activity tracking helps in revealing the daily calorie consumption, a number of steps, etc. it indicates the days when we were less active and motivates us to complete the specified targets.

Sleep well

A good laugh and uninterrupted sleep is a cure for many diseases.

Adequate sleep is a key to a healthy lifestyle, here are the benefits of sleeping well.

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Better memory
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Feel refreshed
  • Curb inflammation
  • Improved creativity
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Better muscle development

There are endless benefits of good sleep, improve your relationship with a sound sleep.

Sleep Naked

Sleeping naked helps you achieve better sleep, feel confident, healthier skin, lower down the stress level. Shocked to know so many benefits of sleeping naked? Their benefits are scientific and proven.

Researchers found that the lowering of your skin temperature (especially in summers) can help you get better and deeper sleep, sleeping naked every day will make you comfortable being in your skin and more confident about your body.

Silent your phone

Putting your phone on silent have some unique benefits, through putting the phone on silent for a particular period of time helps you concentrate on the family and your relationship. You virtually cut your connection with the work to care more about your family; this gives the sense of care and satisfaction to the family.

Healthy coupleLots of sex (Mind blowing sex)

The healthy couple uses sex as a tool to connect, feel the skin and appreciate the beauty.

Sex is a great mood enhancer and stress booster.

Combine sex with some alcohol and you will get the steamy version of sex, with the power to dilute all the grudges within your relationships.

Sex gives you satisfaction and satisfaction plays an important card in forgiving when people are satisfied with their partner they tend to forgive them easily (take a note that we are not talking about orgasmic satisfaction it’s about mental satisfaction).

Give yourself a break

Granting yourself a monthly or quarterly break is essential.

It’s a time when you practice self-love and heal your body and mind physically and spiritually.

Couples who had consistent vacations were found to be more healthy and they had better resistance to anger.

If you haven’t fount yourself a partner yet, then gift yourself a break from the hectic job work and find a good place to date interracially online to get yourself an incredible partner.

Healthy food tips

Training And Food Tips That Will Have You As Fit As Can Be

Let’s start with the most important training and food tips to improve your workout quality.

Training Tips

Know your limits (no ego lifting)

The first thing that you need to remember while starting your workout is “Ego Lifting” is only going to award you with serious injuries. It’s important to know your limits and gradually increase the amount of weight you want to lift.

No spot-fixing

Yes, we understand that you want to desperately lose that belly fat, but there is no spot-fixing in the bodybuilding, you will be required to track your macros and create a calorie deficit in order to get rid of your belly fat.

Allow yourself to recover

You are highly motivated and want to lose that stubborn fat as fast as possible, but your body needs time to recover. Listen to your body and never push your body to workout if it still hasn’t recovered from previous day workout. Eating healthy to recover fast and taking a day off is always better than injury.

Its 80% diet and 20% workout

You think those Instagram models work 4 hours a day to get into that shape? Wrong!

They work out as much you do, the only difference is in their nutrition. The best food tips I can give you is to start tracking your calorie consumption and stay consistent with your diet then you will surely get the results like a pro level fitness athlete.

Nutrition Tips


Proteins are your body’s building block and they are required for the muscle growth and development.

It’s important to consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your weight, don’t try to consume 2 gram protein per pound of weight, that is for the professional bodybuilders, not you.

Fat is good

Many food tips recognize fat as bad and advice people to opt for a low-fat diet. Fat is an essential need of your body that you simply can’t ignore, researchers have proven that athletes who consumed more saturated and unsaturated fats were found to have higher testosterone levels.

Count on your macro

When you are on your weight loss journey it’s important to count on your calories, it’s important to make the calorie deficit in order to reduce some body weight.

Dump junk

If you feed your body with junk, it will surely act like a junk.


This is something that most of the newbie forgets when you work out your body loses its essential minerals through sweating. It’s important to keep to the optimum level of essential minerals to keep your body work efficiently.

organic care shampoo

Organic Shampoo Is A Great Way To Show Your Body That You Care

As like any other organic food product, organic shampoo is a great alternative to synthetic chemicals that we have been applying to our hairs since ages.

Many people have been complaining about early grey hair, hair thinning and dry scalp problems, there can be many different reasons for this common problem, like your environmental pollution or any vitamin deficiency. But do you know most of the people are experiencing hair problem due to the chemicals that they apply on daily basis on their scalp?

Let’s understand why organic care shampoo is a perfect solution to your problem and how you can improve your hair health.

What is Organic Care Shampoo?

We all are familiar with the word “organic care”, anything that is produced in a natural environment without the use of any external chemical and any synthetic procedure is organic.

The consumption of these organic health products has considerably augmented itself due to the rise in consumer’s consciousness towards what they buy.

Organic care shampoo is a hair cleansing product that is made with all organic ingredients, instead of using chemically fabricated detergents these organic shampoos are made of natural cleansing agents (like gentle cleansers from corn sugar and coconut), natural conditioners (like plant oils, milk protein, and herbs). Let’s understand the benefits of using Organic Shampoo.

organic care shampoo

Benefits of Organic Shampoo

Better nourishment

You might be thinking that your current hair products are delivering satisfying results and why should you pay more for an organic product? You should invest for the reliability; the natural product is a promise of better long-term results.

My grandmother still has healthy long hairs while I have started to experience grey hairs in my 20’s, the reason is all because of abuse of those synthetic products that I have been applying on my body since I was a kid. Overall organic products are reliable for delivering better long-term results.

Gentle on skin

Use of organic products is definitely going to be much safer and gentle on skin; a number of cases of skin diseases are an all-time high due to the use of tons of chemicals and environmental pollution. Yes, you can’t control the level of air pollution but you can definitely control what you apply to your body.

Environmental friendly

The raw material of these organic products are also produced with the organic farming procedure with the no use of any synthetic chemicals, organic fertilizers are used to produce the raw product and then this raw product is processed and bottled for your use.

active style

Athletic Style Ideas For Women

There is no reason why your gym wears can’t be fashionable since many decades gym outfits have not seen changes due to the common gym stereotypes. But social media has emerged as a great tool to revamp the active style and fitness fashion industry as well.

Let’s discuss the latest fashion ideas and trends to make heads turn around because of your active style sense.

Tips To Look Cool and Stylish At Gym

Keep is clear: 

Try not to put layers of makeup on your face while visiting gym; your makeup can clog the pores of the skin. Regular workout is a great way to eliminate body toxins through sweat, so wipe your face with a cleansing cloth before you hit the gym.

Pickup perfect pants:

Have you ever seen an Instagram fitness model without nice and gorgeous gym pants?

Nothing can make you look more stylish than wearing perfect gym pants, with the rise in fitness trend you surely gonna have a lot of options to choose your perfect gym pants. I will be listing some of my favorite choices at the gym.

Go low:

It’s fine to flaunt your abs or curvy ass but it’s not so cool to make your panty line visible while doing so, it’s good to stock some panties that are designed specifically for gym wears, you can try Nylon lace thongs by Hanky Panky.

Show off your curves:

Nothing can make you look more sensual then a great sports bra, today’s sports bra are designed perfectly to complement your curves.

Invest in Workout essentials (cool gym bag, a nice pair of snickers etc. ):

There are few essentials that can be a great add-on to your athletic styling like a cool gym bag, nice pair of snickers, headbands, instant cooling towel, etc.

What to Wear

Casual sports look

No sleeve baseball vest paired with cool leggings can have a great impact with a casual look. It won’t look too revealing but still manages to earn a lot of appreciation for your active style.

Evergreen Mini shorts

Mini shorts are a perfect example of implementing active style; Mini shorts are the most comfortable and coolest thing that can be paired with anything. If you have toned legs then you don’t even need to bother about thinking of your style sense.

Army Look

An army look is perfect to get into the character, wearing cargo or jogger paired with the sleeveless top is a great way to look incredibly cool and stylish. You can always replace your headband with some cool cap.

Swagger Look

Perfect sports look for ladies with swag.

Pair your yoga pant with a sweatshirt with a hoody, this was you can flaunt your curves but still cover your full body. It’s my personal favorite combination when it’s about working out with your man.

Leather pants

Leather pants are always sexy and stylish. Leather pants have a capacity to be paired with anything, you can wear them with casual top or hoody; these leather pants always looks incredibly gorgeous.

Camouflage your love handles

This is for someone with some extra fat; you can wear smart to camouflage your love handles or saggy butt. A Hip-skimming top is a great choice to camouflage those extra pounds and still look your best.