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Relaxing travel destinations to escape to this winter

Winters can be daunting for many people, chilling breeze and slow around the town restrict us to make the best out of the holiday season. If you are looking to escape winters and start this new year with pleasant warm weather then we have a list of suggestions for you.  
Here are 4 warm relaxing destinations that will surely melt away the winter blues and will fill you with the warmth and positive vibes:


Cyprus has been considered to be Europe’s best holiday destination because of its stunning beaches, warm weather and archeological sites, there are many things to do in this country.
Cyprus is a beautiful island country located in the eastern Mediterranean sea, it has almost everything that you can expect from the holiday destination.
Winter temperature of Cyprus revolves around 20°C which makes it an excellent choice for the warm break which is filled with rich history, culture, and mouthwatering food. Cyprus has got the largest number of blue flag beaches which ensures the best quality beach time and it has been known to be Europe’s best party destination because of its Ayia Napa strip.


Asian countries are known for their warm weather and year-end if one of the best time to visit there. If you are looking to spend this winter in warm and natural place then Vietnam can be a great choice, scenic beauty and cultural diversity of Vietnam is fascinating. You can expect to enjoy lush green paddy fields, saffron-clad monks, and colorful fishing villages by the meandering Mekong.


One thing that will make you fall in love with this country is their cultural diversity and the mental peace that you will find. Because of the huge land base, you can choose the optimum location according to your requirements, if you are looking for the beaches, fishing villages and warm weather then you can move to southern part of India, if you are looking for peaceful beach escape then more to Goa, if you are looking for the warm weather and royal forts then visit Rajasthan, if looking for the forest experience and willing for watch tigers in their natural habitat then visit Madhya Pradesh, Visit north east if looking for the natural untouched beauty of country, India has got the largest rail network that ensures better and safe connectivity to all the parts of country.

South Africa

Looking for a warm and metropolis experience? South Africa can be the best choice.
South Africa offers breathtaking landscapes, wild coasts are ideal for long self-drive tours, lively Cape Town offers consistently distinguished cultural and culinary adventures while the Winelands are collectively exceptional.
Although beaches are too cold for a swim in winter but they are perfect for long, leisurely walks.

business stress

Alleviating stress caused by the business environment

Stress is the biggest villain we are facing in our modern life, working in a continuous stressful situation is making you sick. Although most of the people seem to ignore stress, it is affecting you mentally and physically.

Countless studies are being conducted on the effects of stress in daily life, and most of them found that this competitive business environment is the leading cause of rising stress levels, workers are forced to perform better which is leading to an excess of stress levels.

What are the warning signs of stress?

Some of the common signs that you should not ignore are:

  • Feeling anxious
  • Fatigue
  • A headache and muscle stiffness
  • Lower sex drive
  • Low concentration
  • No interest in work
  • Feeling unsatisfied

Let’s discuss some of the hacks to reduce stress from our daily life.

How you start your day, matters!

One of the common mistakes most of the people do is the way they start their day, they wake up late and run for the office, they are stressed from the first minute they wake up. They are stressed to get ready on time, they are stressed to reach office and then they are stressed to complete their job targets.

If you really want to start your day well, then try waking up 2-3 hours before the office. That way you will be able to devote some time for meditation, exercise, social media, replying to emails, etc.

Setup clear priorities

Most of the people who are stressed at work are found to lack prioritization, they are doing wrong things at the wrong time, which add up to the work stress.

Create a list of tasks that you need to work on and then prioritize the hardest work in the early hours of office.

Happy work environment

Restrain yourself from any kind of conflicts, any conflict with the co-worker, boss, or any other guy may lead to unrest in the brain that actually doesn’t allow you to concentrate on the work.

Don’t care about what people are saying to you, focus on maintaining the calmness and treat everyone with a smile.

Another great way to have a happy work environment is to have a good social life with colleagues, this will strengthen the bond between your teammates and will lead to higher productivity and lower stress.

Be comfortable

Dump your outfit if they are not comfortable enough, its very essential to smell good and stay comfortable while you are working.

Invest in some high-quality fabrics that can make you feel fresh all day.

Avoid multi-tasking

Trying to multitask reduces productivity and increases stress levels. Pledge not to do the multitasking, unless you are working as firefighter or police or army personnel.


Meditate plays important role in moderating the stress levels, it will provide you the much-required peacetime. Not sure how to meditate? Join a workshop or class where you can explore the benefits of meditation.

Eat Good

What you consume plays important role in how you feel, restrict the consumption of fried or processed food.

Listen to soothing music:

It’s a quick trick to control your blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious try to play your favorite song and concentrate on listening to it.

My favorite way to relieve office stress is listening to favorite music while my way to home.

Healthy couple

9 Ways To Be A Healthier Couple.

We all see that healthy couple in our neighbor who looks incredibly happy and they are successful as well. What are the distinguishing factors that are differentiating your relationship with theirs? What are the factors responsible for your poor health and boring relationship?

Hello, my name is Rachel Meyer and I am a 32-year-old dietician born in the USA, living in Sydney, Australia.

In my 8+ years of experience as a health expert and a nutritionist, I was able to figure out the lifestyle difference in the healthy couple and the couple who is always suffering from poor health conditions.

What actually being healthy means?

Being healthy is a state of mind and ability of the body to work at its optimum performance, if you want to bring a new level of happiness and boost up the quality of your relationship then you should definitely pay attention to the points that we will be about to discuss. Few lifestyle habits of the healthy couple are:

Eat clean

What you put in your body reflects your overall health and personality, that the reason you feel fresh and energetic when you consume clean food. Clear food doesn’t mean you will be eliminating any kind of fat and carbohydrate from your meal, clean eating is a combination of eating a good amount of proteins, essential fat, and good carbohydrates.

Some of the examples of clear eating are-

  • Including more veggies
  • No deep fry stuff
  • Food that is low in sodium
  • Limit your sugar
  • Eat whole grain food

Go organic

Consuming organic product has a totally different aspect of clean eating.

The food that you are consuming at home contains huge about of chemical and pesticides that are used to protect these food items from insects and bugs. But these chemicals are having negative effects on your health and overall fitness. Benefits of consuming organic food:

  • Elimination of toxins
  • More nutrients
  • Better detoxification
  • Protects from antibiotic resistance
  • Healthy environment

Go outdoor

The healthy couple frequently plans outdoor activities, going outside are fun and healthy way to improve the bond. Couples who frequently planned outdoor trips were found to be healthier. The reason behind is their self-awareness towards their body’s capabilities. When you plan an outdoor trip (like hiking or hill cycling) you are challenging your body for the performance, these couples were able to burn more weekly calories and are found to be more active at work as well.

Wear activity tracker

Most of the people tend to have a negative perception of the activity tracker and thinks it’s a wastage of money, but activity tracking is an essential part when it comes to healthy living.

Activity tracking helps in revealing the daily calorie consumption, a number of steps, etc. it indicates the days when we were less active and motivates us to complete the specified targets.

Sleep well

A good laugh and uninterrupted sleep is a cure for many diseases.

Adequate sleep is a key to a healthy lifestyle, here are the benefits of sleeping well.

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Better memory
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Feel refreshed
  • Curb inflammation
  • Improved creativity
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Better muscle development

There are endless benefits of good sleep, improve your relationship with a sound sleep.

Sleep Naked

Sleeping naked helps you achieve better sleep, feel confident, healthier skin, lower down the stress level. Shocked to know so many benefits of sleeping naked? Their benefits are scientific and proven.

Researchers found that the lowering of your skin temperature (especially in summers) can help you get better and deeper sleep, sleeping naked every day will make you comfortable being in your skin and more confident about your body.

Silent your phone

Putting your phone on silent have some unique benefits, through putting the phone on silent for a particular period of time helps you concentrate on the family and your relationship. You virtually cut your connection with the work to care more about your family; this gives the sense of care and satisfaction to the family.

Healthy coupleLots of sex (Mind blowing sex)

The healthy couple uses sex as a tool to connect, feel the skin and appreciate the beauty.

Sex is a great mood enhancer and stress booster.

Combine sex with some alcohol and you will get the steamy version of sex, with the power to dilute all the grudges within your relationships.

Sex gives you satisfaction and satisfaction plays an important card in forgiving when people are satisfied with their partner they tend to forgive them easily (take a note that we are not talking about orgasmic satisfaction it’s about mental satisfaction).

Give yourself a break

Granting yourself a monthly or quarterly break is essential.

It’s a time when you practice self-love and heal your body and mind physically and spiritually.

Couples who had consistent vacations were found to be more healthy and they had better resistance to anger.

If you haven’t fount yourself a partner yet, then gift yourself a break from the hectic job work and find a good place to date interracially online to get yourself an incredible partner.

Dilemmas of dating for the health-conscious individual

couple drinking healthy smoothies

When it comes to planning a first date with a prospective partner it is often a decision that comes down to picking between booking a place at an expensive restaurant, going to a bar or taking them to dinner and to see a romantic movie at the local cinema.

These choices are all great but the big issue for a healthy-eating or diet-conscious individual is that most of these experiences result in an unhealthy eating experience. Going to the town’s most expensive restaurant will often deliver food laden in calories. Attending a bar or pub will result generally in the consumption of a fair few drinks and that is never good for the waistline whilst heading to the cinema normally results in sharing a family size bucket of popcorn.

So, what are dating options do you have if you are keen to impress but not looking to compromise your diet or lifestyle, below are two things I think you can consider:

Cook at home

black woman cooking healthily

Let’s be honest, the aim of a first date should be to spend as much time getting to know the other person as humanly possible. By offering to cook them a dinner at your home, the benefits are three-fold. Firstly, you will be able to spend time conversing without interruption. Your focus will be entirely on listening without distraction and your eye contact will be great which will leave a lasting impression. Secondly, by showing you can cook a meal you will earn instant brownie points. Who doesn’t like a man or woman who can cook? Finally, by cooking at home you can control what goes into the food and limit calories. You can make the meal as healthy or unhealthy as you wish, it is all up to you!

Go for a date outside

fit couple talking

As society has continued to evolve into a more health-conscious entity, people are constantly searching for more outdoor date ideas in order to impress but also provide their body with some fresh air and sun. There are companies out there that provide fitness dates for couples where you can do a workout, get a boost in energy whilst at the same time bonding and getting to know the other person better. If that sounds too intense, maybe just suggest going for a long walk through downtown, you can burn some calories, chat for hours uninterrupted and stop somewhere to rest your weary legs and down a well-earned meal…guilt-free!

What do you think of these ideas? Do you have other suggestions for the healthy individual to consider when trying to impress a date but not add pounds to their waistline?