Lawrence presentation

woman in leather jacket with handbag

This past Saturday, I ventured into Midtown to attend Ra’mon Lawrence’s Spring 2012 presentation at Happy Monkey Studios.  Ra’mon if you can remember was a part of season 6 of Project Runway and it looks like his career has really taken off.

The setting was magnificent, with the Studio glammed up and no expense overlooked as we were wined and dined whilst enjoying a magnificent display.

Changing my perceptions

I’ll be honest, whilst on the show, I was never the biggest fan of his, but I was very happily surprised with the collection. The collection was full of breezy, sheer fabrics. There was a nice mix of color, prints, and neutrals.  The styling was amazing.  I was enamored with the jewelry designed by Chicago native Robyne Robinson.

Great fun meeting fellow bloggers

The models looked radiant when adorned with the fabric. Others in attendance were glowing in their praise of the presentation. The most enjoyable part of the evening was conversing with other fashion bloggers who I have followed for years but have never had the good fortune of meeting. The conversations went long into the night and I formed some friendships with certain bloggers that I intend to follow up on in the weeks and months ahead.

It is events like this that allow people like Ra’mon to showcase their talents and gives those like me the opportunity to grow as people and learn that first impressions can be changed. I never really expected to be of the view that Ra’mon’s designs would be the kind I would consider wearing but I am itching to get my hands on many items in his collection.

I can’t wait until they hit the stores! What about you guys? Seen any presentations recently that changed your perceptions? If so, then I’d love to hear all about it!