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Relaxing travel destinations to escape to this winter

Winters can be daunting for many people, chilling breeze and slow around the town restrict us to make the best out of the holiday season. If you are looking to escape winters and start this new year with pleasant warm weather then we have a list of suggestions for you.  
Here are 4 warm relaxing destinations that will surely melt away the winter blues and will fill you with the warmth and positive vibes:


Cyprus has been considered to be Europe’s best holiday destination because of its stunning beaches, warm weather and archeological sites, there are many things to do in this country.
Cyprus is a beautiful island country located in the eastern Mediterranean sea, it has almost everything that you can expect from the holiday destination.
Winter temperature of Cyprus revolves around 20°C which makes it an excellent choice for the warm break which is filled with rich history, culture, and mouthwatering food. Cyprus has got the largest number of blue flag beaches which ensures the best quality beach time and it has been known to be Europe’s best party destination because of its Ayia Napa strip.


Asian countries are known for their warm weather and year-end if one of the best time to visit there. If you are looking to spend this winter in warm and natural place then Vietnam can be a great choice, scenic beauty and cultural diversity of Vietnam is fascinating. You can expect to enjoy lush green paddy fields, saffron-clad monks, and colorful fishing villages by the meandering Mekong.


One thing that will make you fall in love with this country is their cultural diversity and the mental peace that you will find. Because of the huge land base, you can choose the optimum location according to your requirements, if you are looking for the beaches, fishing villages and warm weather then you can move to southern part of India, if you are looking for peaceful beach escape then more to Goa, if you are looking for the warm weather and royal forts then visit Rajasthan, if looking for the forest experience and willing for watch tigers in their natural habitat then visit Madhya Pradesh, Visit north east if looking for the natural untouched beauty of country, India has got the largest rail network that ensures better and safe connectivity to all the parts of country.

South Africa

Looking for a warm and metropolis experience? South Africa can be the best choice.
South Africa offers breathtaking landscapes, wild coasts are ideal for long self-drive tours, lively Cape Town offers consistently distinguished cultural and culinary adventures while the Winelands are collectively exceptional.
Although beaches are too cold for a swim in winter but they are perfect for long, leisurely walks.