dealing with stress

The best ways to start alleviating stress

What are some of the tips that can help one in alleviating stress?

Everyone gets stressed. It is part of life. We are always up and down trying to make ends meet. And even the richest of the richest people who need not do anything for money still find themselves stressing over something… usually, what society will think about them and what society expects of them. Rich or poor, it’s there. The big question is: What steps are you taking to manage your stress?

Well here are some strategies you can start implementing to alleviate the stresses you might be feeling in your life.

Simple ideas to help deal with stress

Exercising more

Including a simple exercise routine in your life can be very great in alleviating stress. It doesn’t have to be something rigorous. Something as simple as taking a brisk “30 minute” walk will do.

One thing with exercising is that it makes us sleep better. And the better the sleep, the less stressful you will wake up feeling.

Reducing caffeine intake

Caffeine is a stimulant. It will increase your stress levels. How about swapping those caffeinated drinks with herbal tea and juices?

Spending more time with friends and family

friend's company

If you have close friends and family, these are the go-to people whenever you are feeling down and stressed. Call a friend who always has a way of calming you down. Attend family functions that will take your mind off things.

Learn to say NO

There are times where the stress we feel is because we are trying too hard to please everyone. For once, just be selfish and say NO! Just do you! DO what makes you happy.

Alleviating stress by laughing more

Whoever came up with “Laughter is the best medicine” was truly onto something. Whenever stressed, go to Netflix and have re-runs of comedy TV shows like “Friends”. Alternatively, always surround yourself with people that always crack your ribs. Such friends are a keeper and they will help you forget what’s bothering you. Even if it’s for a few hours, trust me, laughter will make things much better.

Take a yoga class

Just like exercise, yoga works magic. It works both the mind and body and it is very relaxing. Take a class and see how it works out.

Pet a dog

This may seem weird but pets have been known to even be a remedy for depression, leave along stress. The cuddling, the petting. Their soft fur have a way of just making one feel at ease. If you don’t have yours, how about asking a neighbor for theirs. Plus when you take the pet for a walk, that’s exercise.