Healthy food tips

Training And Food Tips That Will Have You As Fit As Can Be

Let’s start with the most important training and food tips to improve your workout quality.

Training Tips

Know your limits (no ego lifting)

The first thing that you need to remember while starting your workout is “Ego Lifting” is only going to award you with serious injuries. It’s important to know your limits and gradually increase the amount of weight you want to lift.

No spot-fixing

Yes, we understand that you want to desperately lose that belly fat, but there is no spot-fixing in the bodybuilding, you will be required to track your macros and create a calorie deficit in order to get rid of your belly fat.

Allow yourself to recover

You are highly motivated and want to lose that stubborn fat as fast as possible, but your body needs time to recover. Listen to your body and never push your body to workout if it still hasn’t recovered from previous day workout. Eating healthy to recover fast and taking a day off is always better than injury.

Its 80% diet and 20% workout

You think those Instagram models work 4 hours a day to get into that shape? Wrong!

They work out as much you do, the only difference is in their nutrition. The best food tips I can give you is to start tracking your calorie consumption and stay consistent with your diet then you will surely get the results like a pro level fitness athlete.

Nutrition Tips


Proteins are your body’s building block and they are required for the muscle growth and development.

It’s important to consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your weight, don’t try to consume 2 gram protein per pound of weight, that is for the professional bodybuilders, not you.

Fat is good

Many food tips recognize fat as bad and advice people to opt for a low-fat diet. Fat is an essential need of your body that you simply can’t ignore, researchers have proven that athletes who consumed more saturated and unsaturated fats were found to have higher testosterone levels.

Count on your macro

When you are on your weight loss journey it’s important to count on your calories, it’s important to make the calorie deficit in order to reduce some body weight.

Dump junk

If you feed your body with junk, it will surely act like a junk.


This is something that most of the newbie forgets when you work out your body loses its essential minerals through sweating. It’s important to keep to the optimum level of essential minerals to keep your body work efficiently.