natural deodorant

Why A Natural Deodorant Roll On Should Be Added To Your Bathroom Cupboard

What is a natural deodorant roll

Conventional deodorants are quite good in eliminating the odor but they have their own disadvantages, they contain chemical compounds that are unhealthy for the human body in the long term.  Natural deodorant is the perfect replacement of the conventional deodorants that works quite effective in eliminating the bad smell and save the body from harmful side effects of chemicals.

Natural deodorant rolls mainly contain natural mineral salts that help in eliminating the odor, plus they are added with natural antioxidants to maintain healthy skin. Natural deodorant roll is mainly aluminum- free which cause an acidic reaction to fabric and leaves those gross marks on your clothes.  These natural deodorants are not created to prevent perspiration instead their main focus is to prevent the growth of bacteria that actually make you smell bad.

Sweating is your body’s mechanism to regulate body temperature and to release the toxins from the body; synthetic antiperspirant clogs your skin pore and restricts skin perform its natural work. Body odor happens not because of the sweat that your body releases, but because of the bacteria that grow because of excessive sweating, natural deodorants restrict bad bacterial growth not sweating.

Benefits of the natural deodorant roll.

Let me maintain the level of good bacteria

Bacterial balance is important in the proper functioning, while most of the synthetic antiperspirants work on the concept of clogging the pores and stopping the growth of any kind of bacteria, natural deodorants work on the concept of going with the flow of nature. Natural deodorants allow the skin to sweet more frequently for better detoxification and help in maintaining the proper balance of good bacteria.

Some diseases have been linked to antiperspirants

Some studies have claimed that chemicals can be absorbed through pores of the skin and can create a hormonal imbalance. Alzheimer’s and breast cancer have already been linked to the aluminum compound found in most of the deodorants.

Less irritation

Since they don’t contain any kind of harsh chemicals they are way less irritating, if you have a sensitive skin and you experience rashes on the skin after the use of synthetic deodorants then you should switch yourself to natural products asap.